The first thing to do is to isolate itself from the allergen (the object or substance that causes the Allergy). If you live in an apartment where they keep a cat, to which you are allergic, you will never get rid of the runny nose, itching and asthma. Causes of allergies - not the cat, but to begin to fight allergies, you need to start to isolate itself from the irritant factor.
If you get rid of allergen is not possible (for example, if it's poplar fluff: how would you not tried, at certain times of the year it will still fly through the city), resort to drugs, but remember that they do not cure allergies, but only relieve its symptoms. When signs of allergies will not be fooled and don't wear rose-colored glasses.
The true cause of Allergy is an imbalance of all body systems, including the immune system, causing it begins to react to harmless substances. Therefore, after isolation of allergens (Yes, the cat will have to move to grandma's in the country) need to get a firmer grip and deal with a General strengthening of their health.
Start with strengthening the immune system. Take ten minutes in the morning for exercises, twenty minutes in the evening - Jogging in the Park, taking a hot shower, do not be lazy once in a while, dip in ice water. Watch your diet and try to eliminate from the diet foods containing chemical dyes and artificial flavors. But more importantly, notice your own emotional state. Emotional background must be strictly positive: stress and emotional overload, often spoiling the health is not worse than smoggy urban air and many hours of sitting in front of a computer screen.
Starting to struggle with allergies, try not to dwell on what you are trying to get rid of the disease. Imagine that you are perfectly healthy and that the word "disease" you have seen only in books. Pull the smile from ear to ear and forward to a healthy and happy life!