You will need
  • Adobe Illustrator
Launch Adobe Illustrator and open the imageyou want to crop. To do this, click the menu item File > Open (or Ctrl+O), select the image and click Open.
Select the tool Rectangle Tool (hot key M). Panel tool, set the Stroke (line width) to 1, and the color of the rectangle to None. Create with this tool frame, which, according to your idea, will crop the existing picture.
Open the layers panel (menu Window > Layers or F7 hot key), hold down Ctrl and click the left mouse button on the circle located to the right of each layer (with the original image and the rectangle you created in the previous step). Around the circle will be another circle – this means the layer is selected.
Crop the pictureby clicking Clipping Mask. This can be done in two ways. First – click the menu Object > Clipping Mask > Make. Second – press the shortcut keys Ctrl+7.
In addition, you can use other tools in order to crop the image. Moreover, you can do it more accurately and it gives a wide scope for creativity. For example, if you follow the instructions above, but instead of the Rectangle Tool to use the tool the Type Tool (shortcut T), then instead of just rectangle, you can create an inscription with part of a picture instead of color. Similarly, the tools the Pen Tool (P) Ellipse Tool (L), the Paintbrush Tool (B), etc.
To save the result, click the menu item File > Save as (or Ctrl+S), select the path to the future file, specify the name and format and click "Save".