Information portal – this is a common project on the Internet, which is a website filled with material. All information usually consists of a large number of articles. You can also say that it is a blog. To develop such a project, you need to choose a theme. Think carefully about this factor. Analyze the Internet for the most narrow and broad topics, pick your project something unique.
Once the theme is identified, you need to choose an engine for a site template. If you don't know anything about programming, you can download free engines on the Internet. It may Joomla, DLE, WordPress and more. There are a large number of reviews about each of them. If you are not satisfied with the template that can develop your with the help of graphic editors, or to alter already ready.
Make a rough plan of the material that will have you on the site. It is desirable to address the important topics that relate to the chosen theme. Select hosting services. At this time similar services on the Internet quite a lot, and unanimously impossible to say which one is better or worse. Each hosting has its positive and negative sides.
Don't forget that such services are paid, and each month you will have to make some payment. You can use the electronic money, or pay with a Bank card. Install engine and template on the hosting server, select the appropriate domain. Next, you will need to fill the site with unique readable material. Try to fill your project with content constantly, so that pages indexed by search engines faster.