Rules of departure abroad are governed by the Federal rules of rakon Russian Federation "On the procedure for exit from the Russian Federation" No. 114-FZ of 15 August 1996. Article 19 of this law for the departure from the territory of the Russian officers of the Russian army. Read this law.
Contact Federal security service request, attaching a certificate of family composition, which can be taken in the passport office, a certificate of a citizen going abroad, as well as the opinion about the awareness of information constituting a military secret of the Russian Federation, registration card soldier. In the request specify the reason you want to travel abroad, the period for which you leave the confines of the Russian Federation. In the case of receiving permission from the power structure on your departure, you will be sent the appropriate document permitting plan.
Refer to the permission obtained from the FSB, to your command. Explain the reason for the need to obtain a passport. Wait for the decision from the authorities. Remember, if you are dedicated to the state or military secrets, you might be motivated to refuse to issue permits, both at the level of appeals to the Federal security service, and when accessing the command.
Contact the company that won the tender for the issuance of passports and recreation of servicemen in the current year, attaching the necessary documents, as well as two licences (issued by the FSB and the command), and also help you want to the command. In fact, this reference will be the third permits for your travel abroad. The validity of all permits and certificates within two months. At the same time, the law establishes terms of consideration of documents of military personnel – up to one month.