Lock SIM card is designed to protect the personal data of the owner of the phone contained in the SIM card. This protection does not block the phone itself, but makes it impossible to use the SIM card without the introduction of a special pin code. In order to take it off, change phone settings. You can find the pin code on the package of SIM card. If you have already entered it incorrectly, you must enter the Pak code, which is also the packaging from the SIM card. If this method does not suit you, you must contact the office of the operator with whom you have contracted. Provide a passport confirming your right to possession of the SIM card, then you will be able to exchange it for a new one with the numbers and maintaining the balance.
When the phone is locked under the operator's it network, different from the source, not predstavlyaetsya possible. When you turn on the phone with the "foreign" SIM card, you are prompted for a password to unlock it. In order to get it, you'll need to contact the operator that locked your phone. Report the IMEI number and serial number of your phone. These data you can find under the battery. Also you may require additional information such as the serial number of your passport, contract number, place of conclusion of the contract, and so on. Let all this data, then use the code to unlock it.
You can also deal with code that is blocking the use of the apparatus in the event of theft or loss. In this case your becomes impossible without a special password, the prompt which appears when you turn on the phone. If you know the password, you will need to remove it in the security settings of your mobile; if not, then you will need to contact the manufacturer of your cell phone. Let IMEI and serial number of your mobile, as well as any additional data that may be required. Then request a code reset, and the resetting code of the firmware. You can find these codes yourself, but the most reliable is to request them from the manufacturer. Code reset reset all settings to factory, and the code reset the firmware, still have and will delete all your personal information stored on the phone.