Its principle of operation is similar to the steamer, but, unlike the latter, the possibilities of the multicooker is much wider. In addition to traditional steam cooking and making soups, a slow cooker can roast, bake, cook jam, stew.
So, you have made a purchase decision, the question arises, how to choose multicookings?

First, consider the case of a slow cooker. They come in two types: plastic and metallic. The first has a more attractive design, the second is more high strength characteristics and durability.
The second important characteristic is the working volume of the tank, this depends on the amount of cooked food at one time. Choose the capacity based on the volume pots, which usually simmer the soup for the whole family.
Third, note the number of built-in automated programs cooking. This app will calculate the temperature and cooking time, you can once put in the slow cooker all the necessary products and not to monitor the cooking.
Fourth, choose a slow cooker in the greatest time of cooking. Some crock pots can for example put out products up to ten hours, this unit transcend the tough meat.
Equally important is the manufacturer. The model of the world electronics manufacturers are more expensive, but buying a slow cooker, don't skimp. Inside the device there are elements of electronic control, the failure of which will make the slow cooker is absolutely useless. It is also important the quality of Teflon coating, so the slow cooker is equipped with only one container for cooking.