You will need
  • - notebook;
  • - a pen or pencil.
To begin with, cook and put it on the bedside table all that can help you immediately after waking up to record your dreams. It can be paper and pencil or a recorder.
Before bedtime , give yourself a set today will certainly remember what you see in sleep. Try to Wake up slowly, not allowing myself to immediately dive into the worries of the coming day in order not to frighten the fragile dream.
After waking up, before getting out of bed, write it down on paper or dictate to the recorder some key points of your sleep. Dreams are forgotten because what is perceived by consciousness as an abstraction, not tied to anything related to reality. Fixing at least a few moments of dreaming as if you'll drop the anchor, not allowing to escape the fearful image you saw in the dream.
Practice in remembering dreams. What trains – develops. Get yourself a dream diary, where every day write down all the dreams that you can remember, and their impressions and interpretations of these dreams.
A person dreams, being in a deep sleep. Accordingly, if awakened in this phase, it is more likely your sleep to remember. In order to Wake up in the night, bedtime drink of water or set an alarm clock to signal every hour and a half. That's how much time you need to dive into a deep sleep.
After some time the practice of remembering dreams, you'll find that saw and can specifically remember more than 5-6 dreams per night. And over time, you may find yourself the ability to see "lucid dreams – dreams in which you act consciously, being fully aware that sleep.