You will need
  • - guarantee agreement
  • - a copy of the credit agreement
  • - certificate of personal income tax
  • - copy of the Russian passport
Urgently contact your friends. The Bank's goal is to get your money back. Therefore, in case of delay of monthly payment, an employee of the credit institution will call the bondsman and verbally will be asked to make a payment for the unlucky borrower. You need to determine the cause of the delay, to know how to proceed. Sometimes the culprit is simply a misunderstanding, and the situation will resolve itself. Otherwise, be prepared to fork out.
Do not hide from the Bank employees. Go to the contact. Let all the addresses and phone numbers of unscrupulous friend. As a rule, banks are trying to the last to repay the debt from the debtor and only in case of his incapacity, full of insolvency or death, turn to the guarantors.
Convince the borrower to sell personal property and to repay the debt. If it is already in Deposit, the Bank may without the borrower's consent to put it on the market. The guarantor will pay only the difference, if value of property sold is not enough for full repayment of the loan.
Remember that to get to pay the guarantor for the loan is possible only through court. You are called to justice - hire lawyers. If the guarantors are a few – require that the amount of debt was divided at all. But the payoffs can be uneven – depending on the life circumstances of each. If you still had to pay the debt for the borrower, that now it is up to the surety all the rights of the creditor. Now you're going to court to demand his money back.