Advice 1: How to get rid of boils

For starters, let's see what the boil. Furuncle is a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and connective tissue, occurring acutely. This disease is called Staphylococcus aureus.

To boil can appear on any part of the human body except for feet and hands. The main factors contributing to its emergence are considered to be pollution, unsanitary conditions, excessive sweating or impaired metabolism.

First boil difficult to distinguish from ordinary pimple, for four days he becomes more and appears inside the abscess. On the seventh day, the boil opened, its consequence remains a scar, which usually does not heal.

Boils can cause a whole disease, multiple lesions boils are called furunculosis. To get rid of boils in this case is not simple. Treatment is usually injections of aloe, ingestion of brewer's yeast or vaccination.

Self-treatment of boils is not acceptable. To get rid of boils by yourself is difficult – you can only make yourself worse. In any case it is impossible to pierce even if you have processed a skin antiseptic, there is a risk of worsening the situation. In order to make it faster is ripe, apply the ointment Vishnevsky.

But, there are traditional recipes, effective at some stages of treatment. Often, to treat boils, apply lemon multiple drugs. For example. Cut the zest from a small lemon, thoroughly chop and mix with 25 grams of yarrow. Pour a glass of warm boiled water and leave for 3 hours. After that, strain and leave in a warm place for another hour. The resulting liquid before eating, take 2 teaspoons three times a day for one week.

Also, try to mix the zest with St. John's wort and oregano (3 and 1 teaspoon, respectively), pour two cups of boiling water and insist 2 hours. Strain and drink in the same pattern as in the previous recipe.


Advice 2: How to quickly get rid of the boil

Appeared on the skin of a small pimple in fact it can be a furuncle – a purulent inflammation of the hair follicle. Its characteristic difference is the rapid increase in size and increased pain, increasing as they Mature. The longer this process occurs, the longer we have to experience excruciating pain. But to hasten the time of recovery, you need to exert a little effort and several times a day to carry out the same procedure.
You will need
  • cloth pouch with salt, baked potato (bow), foil for compresses;
  • hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, sterile gauze for processing;
  • - chloramphenicol or streptocid for dusting;
  • - sage, rosemary, plantain, St. John's wort for internal use;
  • - aloe leaf pulp of potatoes for lotions;
  • - vitamins.
To avoid putting your health and life in danger, you better treat boils under the supervision of a physician, because there are known cases of the spread of inflammation to the vital organs. And increased risk in this plan create the boils on the face. But if circumstances do not allow to seek medical help, observe all the necessary conditions of treatment.
Before you get rid of boil, carefully inspect it. If it is not ripe, strongly contribute to this, but in any case not squeeze pimples. Several times a day make compresses of warm dry cloth, heated salt in a bag, baked hot potatoes or onions. They usually make the ripening process is accelerating. At night for the same purpose apply the usual foil, fixed with a bandage. Until the time of autopsy do not perform any other action on the boil.
After ripening of the boil, when you see purulent stem, pry the skin to light. Gently wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide. Having done this, to get all the pus otherwise the healing process will happen much later. Clean the wound, apply rubbing alcohol, sprinkle on it chopped. or pressed soap and cover with gauze or sterile bandage. After 4-5 hours, repeat this procedure.
For quick healing of the skin after a furuncle several times a day, take anti-inflammatory lotions from the pulp of the aloe leaf, grated potatoes, chamomile. Apply them several times a day for 40-60 minutes. To improve blood circulation and eliminate the remnants of the inflammatory process use heat compresses dry fabric, a hot salt bag or hot egg roll. However carry out these procedures only after the wound fully heals.
In order to get rid of boils, spend local treatment along with internal. Brew and drink in the collection or separately grass, sage, rosemary, plantain, St. John's wort. Fill the thermos 4 tbsp raw liter of boiling water, leave overnight, and the next day take half a glass every 1-2 hours.
When multiple boilsx use of drugs: "Amoxiclav" 1 tablet 3 times a day, "Dimexide" in the form of compresses 3 times a day, "Echinacea compositum C" intramuscular, 2.2 ml 2-3 times a week, Arnica ointment, topically on affected places. Using these tools without a doctor's prescription, carefully read the user manual.
The causative agent of furunculosis is coccal flora. It inhabited the body of each and every man, but in different proportions with useful microorganisms. Under the influence of unfavorable, often weather factors that caused the hypothermia, the immune suppression and, as a consequence, the rapid reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. It is worth noting that the decrease in the protective forces contributes to excessive sun. Therefore, in the treatment of furuncle avoid exposure to these factors.
To enhance immunity, start taking a multivitamin. And besides, we drink vitamins, zinc and sulfur. To extract these substances from food, diversify their diet with pumpkin seeds, cereals, sprouted wheat, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, raw vegetables and fruits. But bread, milk, potatoes and sweets for a time limit, and it is better to exclude.
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