Advice 1: How to teach puppy commands

Smart and well-mannered dog - the perfect companion for man. In order to ensure that your dog graduated from obedience school, you need to start training from the first day, when in your house there was a puppy.
First of all, the dog needs to learn "household" teams: respond to his name, to know where to go to the toilet, to understand the commands "Place" and "Quiet". To learn to respond to a name is easier when feeding: put a bowl of puppy on the floor and call the animal a few times. Then, in between feedings, to beckon the baby and treat with something tasty, then you can replace the treat on the affection or play. So the dog will quickly get used to his name. Housebreaking is the most troublesome stage. First, you can teach your puppy to go in a litter box, then after vaccination you can go to the street. For each puddle, and a bunch made in the right place, praise your pet. The Command "Place". Take the baby for his bedding, gently hold, repeating the "Place", to treat treat. If the puppy sat quietly - vigorously praise. Gradually start to move away to a distance, ensuring that your pet stays in place. The next stage is to teach your dog to leave the litter at the first request of the owner. The command "Quiet" is needed in order to prevent excess noise. If your pet is barking is strictly a command to him "be Quiet!" and gently tighten the jaws by hand. Praise. Gradually, you must ensure that the word "Quiet!" the dog immediately stops and does not attempt to renew attempts at barking.
The following block of commands is necessary to master on the street. Home team - "To me!" Its your dog must perform perfectly - it depends on the security of other people and the animal. Start schooling back home. Periodically beckon puppy the word "me", give the treat, play with him. This command should be associated with pleasant, the dog should be a pleasure to come to the owner. Then the same should be repeated on the street. As a result, the dog must come to you on the first call. The following command "Fu!". Practice it also should start with apartment. As soon as you notice that the puppy is trying to take in a mouth something forbidden, sharply okretnica "Yuck." You can also slap a naughty newspaper - a loud popping sound will be unpleasant for the baby. But no more! Remember that dogs are not allowed to beat or hand, not a leash! Violence, you will never achieve the confidence and true obedience.
You should also teach the dog the commands "Sit", "Lie", "Stand", "Next". This is best done after studying the literature or under the supervision of the cynologist. Walk with your pet at a local kennel club or join a dog training group. Dog training together with other relatives is beneficial to her psyche. If something does not work, you can always work out individually.In order to obtain well-bred dog, you must complete General training course (OKD), if you are the owner of a large dog, the handlers suggest after OKD to undergo protective training course (PCL). There your dog will be trained to protect the owner and his property.
You can go ahead and master the dog agility (speed dog overcome obstacles under the guidance of owner), canicross (dog and man together do Jogging), skijoring (dog and man on ski run a certain distance) and much, much more! Most importantly, joint training delivered to you and your pet fun!

Advice 2: How to teach a Chihuahua commands

The Chihuahua is a companion dog, so she can't get the skills and guard dog, although it can master. This breed is easily trained. However, even training in General course, designed to instill dog obedience, cleanliness, to teach her proper behavior at home and outdoors, requires the owner of constant engagement, attention and persistence.
You will need
  • - treat for dogs;
  • - the leash.
Dog training best to start from puppyhood and lead from the simple to the complex. For testing teams stock up on some dog treats. First, teach your dog respond to the name. When feeding, during the game, when you caress, stroking your pet, call him by his name. Don't call a nickname, if want to scold the puppy. Never say it in a harsh tone. Very soon the puppy will get used to associate it with pleasant emotions.
To teach the dog the command "sit", take the left hand piece of bait. Raise it above the dog's head. The animal must know that you are there. Right hand press on the back part of the dog, trying to sit. Say "sit". Village - praise, give treat. Repeat 5-6 times. Once your pet begins to sit down myself, take a treat in your right hand. Do not show it to the dog. Lift it up over her head your left hand, give the command "sit". The village – to feed.
Teach a Chihuahua to do the command "down". First, say "sit". Take a piece of Goodies and pull the dog so that it is stretched forward and slightly down. Command "down". Click on her withers, trying to sleep. Went to praise, pet, give treat.
Say the command "give paw" and themselves take in hand the paw of the dog. Praise, pet, give feeding. The dog will quickly understand what to do.
Best team "to me" the puppy develops in 7-16 weeks. Hail him, give the command "come". Came – praise, give treat . To run off a little to the side to get his attention. He comes himself. Again to take a long leash. Command "to me" and pull the dog leash. Give it something tasty.
Team "fu" is prohibitive, requiring unconditional obedience. Not encouraged, pronounced in a low voice. Repeat the command, say threatening tone. If the puppy is small, act gently but persistently. To prevent any of its unwanted effect, say "fu" and move the puppy to another location. If you do not wish to obey, distract him with a loud unpleasant sound, uttering at the same team. Adult dog can be off leash or slap. Prohibitive the command "fu", "no", which is essentially the same thing, should be used strictly in the moment when the dog does something unlawful, but not later.
Useful advice
When training dogs be strict, but not cruel. Firmness and patience are your best helpers.

Do not skimp on the praise - if the dog correctly does what it is supposed to give her a treat or reward affection.

Before you start training, read professional literature. The more you understand the issues of training, the easier it will be to get the desired pet.

When training dogs, use the recommendations of experienced breeders and handlers. This will help to avoid mistakes, and you will quickly reach the desired.
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